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We're making monsters

Inject adrenaline, fuel up with gasoline

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I'm a history major at UNLV, who geeks over old dead philosophers and poets. I love science, math, the ocean, ancient history, books, mix CDs, girls with long hair (mine used to be long until an accident with a hairbrush...), fairy tales and finding romance in everything, witchcraft and magic of all types (whether real or imagined), decoding the universe to its source. I adore the gothic aesthetic.

Music is one of the most important things in my life. I listen to: metal of many types (mostly black and death), old-school batcave goth rock (rarely neo-goth), Scandinavian folk, shoegaze, 80s pop, classical, medieval choral music and Gregorian chant, industrial, even a little bit of bluegrass. I adore music recommendations, so feel free to send anything my way you think I'd enjoy!

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