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An update and some of the best of 2012 releases

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Feb. 10th, 2013 | 12:19 pm
music: alkerdeel - winterteens

I guess I should throw an update onto this journal mostly because I got a job, and that's important.

It's a piddly part-time fundraising job, but it's an income and it'll take the edge off, even if it just pays for gas. The day after I accepted the position (which might be as little as 9 hours a week), I received an email about another job that I would enjoy a LOT more in the IT department doing web programming. That's actually in "my field", so to speak. I suppose fundraising is as well, since it's not going to be that much different from banking, and I have more experience doing that, but my job in IT felt more like a career. So if the IT position would work with my schedule and they don't want me to do more than 15 hours a week, I might have two jobs.

I've been going through the Metal Storm Awards lists and have voted for a couple so far -- Gojira, Bend the Sky, Stolen Babies, and Be'lakor. Be'lakor was the #1 album of the year, hands down. It's absolutely frigging amazing. The melodies are perfect (in that they're not too sweet or commercial, like, say, Dethklok, yet they remain memorable) and each track changes enough that nothing gets repetitive. I haven't gotten sick of this album yet in the several months I've had it.

Gojira was also up there on my Best of 2012 list. So many good bands out of France lately (and I say this despite Gojira being around forever because I wasn't a huge fan of their earlier albums).

The other day I found the new Witchcraft at FYE for only $8, which I'm ecstatic about, because it sounds so much better in CD quality. I get high quality mp3s, typically, but my iPod has shitty sound quality and my car speakers are the best ones I've got, so on the way home I was noticing little details I hadn't heard before.
This album is significantly different from their previous releases, but I consider that a good thing. They take doom to a more pop-metal level (which I've heard people complain about) and I find myself singing along to the majority of choruses. No annoying "I hate life" lyrics that I tend to associate with classic doom. This might be my #2, practically for vocals alone. He's a combination of Danzig and Maynard James Keenan, which is a wonderful combination.

Anyway, I'll probably have more to say about music later, because I'm discovering a lot of good stuff from Metal Storm that I missed over the past year. I'd better get back to reading Churchill.

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